Frank T. Scarpino is an experienced criminal defense lawyer dedicated to defending individuals and businesses accused of committing serious crimes in all State and Federal Criminal Courts in Chicago
and throughout the State of Illinois.

Frank T. Scarpino & Associates is a criminal defense firm with offices in Oakbrook and Chicago. We are committed to delivering the highest quality criminal defense representation in State and Federal Court throughout the State of Illinois.  Frank T. Scarpino & Associates knows how to defend even the toughest criminal cases and will guide you through the criminal justice system with your best interests in mind.

Frank T. Scarpino & Associates defends people accused of all types of crimes within Chicago; as well as throughout the state of Illinois. Whether you have been charged or are being investigated for a crime, from the lowest level misdemeanor to first degree felonies, your case is important.  Our office will dedicate the time, skill, and persistence necessary to provide you with the best possible defense. A former assistant states attorney, Frank T. Scarpino has tried countless cases to judges and juries. Allow his experience to work for you in preparing a winning defense for trial or negotiating a favorable plea agreement.

This website has been created to help you understand more about the charges that may have been brought against you or a loved one. Brief overviews of several of the types can be found here.

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